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Birds in southern Jutland      Danish only
Observations from Blaavand Birdstation (Denmark)    Danish only
The first systematic bird photo gallery from Greece, with more than 230 species until today,  frequently updated, by wildlife photographer Panos Oikonomou. 
All about Birding in Southern Sweden    Swedish only
Branta-Tours specialises in developing and operating nature and wildlife photo tours; it organises guided trips to observe flora and fauna, in particular birdwatching in Bulgaria and Belarus.
An interesting site from Israel where many danish birds stay during migration
"Birding is a challenge, lifetime fidelity, but not the least it is also a responsibility about the welfare of birds and their environment!" Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers.



DOF (Copenhagen) Danish Birds Society    Danish only
Swedish Birds Society     Swedish only
British Ornothologist Union



dmi-logo.gif (504 bytes) Weather forecast Denmark danish version  
Weather forecast Denmark english version
A swedish webcam from a stork nest in Viby near Kristianstad in Skaane.     Swedish only

A satellite-telemetry study of Light-bellied Brent Geese. Do the brent geese optimize energy-expenditure by choosing optimal wind conditions when they migrate from Denmark to Svalbard/Greenland ?



The Nature Photography Pages
Attented to by Bob Atkins, these pages offer travel destinations, give experience reports on new equipment as well as a vivid forum for opinions and themes concerning wildlife and nature photography
German pricewinning naturephotographer, who offers a waste of advice and hints.
The effect of birds flash-photography.
Don Bacus Photography. Birds- and nature photography in Oregon USA
Huge site, best ever seen. The consumer's best source of digital camera information and news.    More than 300,000,000 visits.


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