When we finally headed for Oleís cabin weíd had 30 of them diving, hunting, grapping fish out off the water. And It had been hilarious. You photograph. At your best, to the point that you really canít calm down, sleep, afterwards.

Not used to that kind of thing.

Wouldnít know just why you should take to talking technical jidder jadder after a morning shoot like this, but thatís what we were doing sitting in the sun on Oleís porch.
For one thing Iíve allways stepped down at least two F-stops. Always considered the better definition even from my high quality lenses, to be a very important issue. If possible F-stop 8. Never less than two steps down.
Danny doesnít. All his work he claims is done with aparture 2,8 or all open lenses.
To me that kind of statement is a mindblower, at least comming from a price winning professional like Danny. Youíve got listen.
It really dosnít matter! He says: as long as the eyes, the beak, is pinsharp, thereís no point in adding an extra 5 cm depth of field.
Is there ?