Mouse over this picture of a hunting Kestrel.

The very first time I watched this small predator hunting, through a set of proff binoculars, I was striken by the amazing technique that was on display. I never forgot. The wings, the entire body of this beautiful bird moving vigorously whilst the head and the eyes are held dead still. A skilled hunter scanning the under laying ground for possible prey.



Common Kestrel ( Falco tinnunculus ) hunting on the open fields of small town Nivå 10 miles north of Copenhagen on a sunny Tuesday January 22. 2008. This is perhaps our most commonly seen predator, hunts in the Danish landscapes all over the country, but this one individual female-bird is still special. No one would believe, if I said it was hunting for me, proudly showing me its prey, staying close just above my head, an airshow just nine feet away. But that was just what happened, And I… Whaw perhaps that was one of the most impressing incidents with nature and a wild animal I’ve experienced.