Vest Firðir,
The Western Fjords, Iceland


Two men, relaxed above a 330 feet wall of lava over the Atlantic on a sunny Tuesday June 3. 2008, and so what ?

Take a closer look and you’ll find the two of them are not alone. I wouldn’t know just how many birds are visible in the pictures. But it’s probably several thousands.

Kitiwakes, Glaucous Gulls flying, the Fullmars, and the better part of the entire auk family, Guillemots, Bridled Guillemots, Brünninch’s Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins, every little ledge of this wall, you se, is occupied, every little black spot is alive and a living creature following the call of nature, busy preparing for the next generation.

All though there, for what I,m told, apparently has been a decline over the last decade the birdlife of Latrabjarg is still a stunning view.

This place alone houses close to half of this worlds entire population of Razorbills.

Five miles and up to 1000 feet height, Our two friends are standing on Europe’s largest birdscliff.